We believe endurance of investor returns – our top priority – depends on sustainable approaches to strategy and competitive advantage, corporate governance, employees, communities in which we locate, and of course the environment. We strive for a fully integrated approach to sustainability in which conservation and strong employee culture are treated with the same priority as squeezing every last dollar of income out of our core portfolio.


Equity One focuses on development and enhancement of corporate operations, property operations, alternative energy, alternative transportation, construction, development, and redevelopment activities.

Social Responsibility

Equity One and its employees, vendors and tenants dedicate efforts towards many of the same charitable initiatives for which we have shown support in prior years.

Corporate Governance

Equity One’s key corporate governance principles are integrity, accountability, sustainability and strong, objective strategic decision-making. Our governance policies are designed to ensure these principles are integrated into all of Equity One’s key processes.



Transforming our properties

The main purpose of our initiatives is to achieve the highest level of social and environmental responsibility by effectively utilizing our resources and improving our practices for the enrichment of our communities and the sustainability of our natural environment.

Commitment to Sustainability

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    Waste Stream
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    LED Lighting
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    Cool Roofing
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    Alt Transportation
  • Waste Stream Reductions

    During 2015, the total number of operating properties under our waste program was 91. These 91operating properties, in addition to our corporate and satellite offices, generated a total of 33,587 tons of nonhazardous waste. Of the total waste volume, 12,491 tons (or 37%) was made up of recyclable materials, and 9,062 tons were incinerated.


    Total Waste Diversion

    for properties in 2015


  • LED Lighting

    Our main objective in our energy consumption strategy is composed of controlling the light sources in off hours and replacing inefficient light fixtures with the most efficient LED technology on the market.  These replacements not only improve energy efficiency, but also reduce repair and maintenance expenses, reduce liability exposure, and improve aesthetics for our tenants and patrons.


    LED Fixtures Converted

    from metal halide fixtures


  • Cool Roofing

    In 2015, we executed cool roofing projects on 91% of the roof areas that were replaced across our portfolio. We continued our long-term strategy of seeking opportunities across the portfolios to use cool roofing materials in all roof replacement activities. We have also partnered with local utility companies to maximize our ability to recover all available rebates and incentives.


    Cool Roofing Replaced

    of total sq. ft. in 2014


    Cool Roofing Replaced

    of total sq. ft. in 2015

  • Alternate Transportation

    As part of our ongoing efforts to support use of alternative transportation in the communities where Equity One does business, we have identified several future sites where we plan to install additional electric car charging stations. In the near future, Equity One has made the decision to install new charging stations at The Gallery at Westbury Plaza, Westbury Plaza, Buckhead Station, South Beach Regional, Sheridan Plaza and Shops at Skylake. Car charging stations were previously installed at Equity One’s Boca Village, Serramonte and Potrero.


    Car charging stations

    at existing properties


    Car Charging Stations

    for future properties

LEED Principles

Corporate Governance

Transforming People

Transforming our people

We strive for a fully integrated approach to sustainability in which conservation and strong employee culture are treated with the same priority as squeezing every last dollar of income out of our core portfolio.

Culture and engagement

Culture is driven from the top down and EQY’s exectutive team promotes a positive, collaborative, entrepreneurial culture.

Simplification of work

At EQY we are thinking about how work can be simplified and on how can we invest in systems that are easier to use and more integrated.

Retention of talent

At Equity One, we have a strong focus on retaining our talent and have been successful in doing so.